Bryan Rodrigues

Full Stack Developer

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Work Experiences

WAI (We Are Interactive) - Full Stack Developer

Decided to switch from being a PHP developer to a Full Stack Javascript developer.

Currently working on multiple projects with CoffeeScript, Ractive, React and Node.

Dynamo Media - Full Stack Developer

Refactored code on load balancers, thus handling millions of users per day to specific landing pages ruled tiered to affiliate traffic, countries and merchant gateways.

Migrated current code base to a newer PHP framework (CakePHP 2.*) modifying initial code allowing for a smooth and more productive infrastructure.

Overhauled frontend landing pages allowing for cross-browser functionality as well as permitting all pages to co-exist in a flexible manner.

Built customer's backend application in AngularJS​.

Designed registration flows to be modular and interchangeable so it would be easy to create variations or completely new registration flow. This setup also facilitated setting up A/B Testing different sign up flows.

Created over 50 registration flows that millions of potential customers visit per day.

Built sites that were highly performant with minified assets, sprite images and reduced network calls on page loads.

Work attributed to significantly boosting conversion rates towards Dynamo's success.

Designed and rewrote the whole payment gateway system to work with multiple gateways and run different rules to maximize successful credit card transactions.

Integrated unit, integration and E2E tests. (Behat,PHPUnit)

Soltron Realty - Fullstack Developer

Created and designed original responsive Wordpress templates in order to maximize efficiency throughout all media devices

Designed and re-structured a medical site to appeal to a high end clientèle and service them in a more organized and functional manner. Incorporated HTML5 video to be accessible with a media devices.

Developed and designed a real estate interface to systematically link brokers with available properties in Soltron Realty repertoire

Developed a private online file management system in order to bridge customer content to the marketing department for use in advertising, promotional work as well as Facebook, Twitter and blogs

Customized an open source newsletter engine which now actively sends more than 20 000 emails on a weekly basis, segregated efficiently for independent boutiques, clinics and spas

Developed various Facebook tab apps for promotional contests which increased fan page likes


PHP - CakePHP, Laravel, Phalcon


CSS - LESS, SASS, Flexbox, CSS Grid

Javascript - Vanilla, jQuery, AngularJS, Angular 2+, Vue.js, React, React Native, Electron, Node

Databases - MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, GraphQL

Frontend Tools - Grunt, Gulp, PostCSS, Webpack, NPM/Yarn

Testing- Behat, Gherkin, PHPUnit, Selenium, Mockery, Mocha, Jest, Enzyme

Dev Ops - Vagrant, Docker, Ansible

Version Control - Git, SVN

Wordpress - Custom Themes, Plugins